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POSITIVE OUTLOOK: Taking control of Monday . . . and Tuesday . . . and . . .


POSITIVE OUTLOOK: Taking control of Monday . . . and Tuesday . . . and . . .

“Oh Monday . . . why is everybody so mean to you?” This is the question that popped into my head this morning as I quickly scanned my Social Media homes . . . I mean, even on Instagram, there was a little Monday backlash!  It seems that no matter how good a weekend can be, Monday comes around and we just feel the need to curse it!

I almost fell in line this morning, I must admit, and started to bad mouth the day.  Luckily, before the first curse word could escape my lips, I made the decision to take control of how I felt and deliberately change the way I was going to go about my day. . . no matter if it was Monday. . . not even TAX Monday!  I knew, from recent experience, that it was all up to me. . .

I left the Social Media Monday-hating world behind and dived deep into my morning meditation practice.  For no other reason than that for 10 minutes, I’m able to just be . . . relaxing and breathing . . . observing the crazy thoughts and visuals that pop into my head and just letting them move one . . . without judgment. . . This is a time to really get centered within myself before joining the outside world. . .

After that, I opened my journal and began to write for another 10 minutes.  What I write changes almost every day but it usually has to do with positive aspects of the day ahead.  It’s a sort of written pre-paving that, believe it or not, has the power to set things in motion . . . on the right foot!  And it doesn’t matter if it’s Monday or Friday. . . the act of putting pen to paper and consciously writing down the GOOD that we’ll be encountering on our daily journey, actually makes some sort of cosmic connection that then allows those things to either pop up in my experience or at the very least, makes me see things in that way . . . Not sure just how that’s working but, take it from me, IT IS WORKING!

I do this every day, like I mentioned.  I make it an integral part of my morning. In fact, I don’t do much before this happens. . . my “work” day doesn’t really begin until AFTER I’ve meditated and written in my journal. . . This ritual of taking action towards having a great day has become as important as my morning shower and having breakfast. (Thanking Laura Baran for this life-changing tip! Watch here: Welcome to the Whirl Laura Baran!)

Morning Ritual: Meditation and journaling with a little Sister Bliss “No Worries”

As easy as it is to wake up on a Monday, or a Tuesday or whatever day, and be in a grumpy, grouchy mood, it’s just as easy to turn it around and meet a great day at least half way.  And by the way, the more you do this, the easier it gets.  Just like most things.

So, what’s it gonna be?  The way you greet the day, hour by hour, is all up to us!  Why not take control of it and make it the best day possible?!

Be kind. Be love. Be YOU!

I’m a Spiritual-Pop Artist and the founder and editor of this space, The Whirling Blog. I’m obsessed with color, getting people to love themselves, being creative and getting myself to HAPPY!

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